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June 20, 2022

Understanding Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) in Supply Chain Management

Global consumer demand is a driving force in supply chain management. Suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and other corporate organizations may collaborate more effectively using ECR in […]
June 13, 2022

Supply Chain 4.0 in Consumer Goods

“Supply Chain 4.0” refers to the reorganization of supply chains — design and planning, production, distribution, consumption, and reverse logistics – utilizing “Industry 4.0” technology. These […]
May 20, 2022

Understanding the Difference Between MRP, DRP and ERP

Supply chain management is a complicated process that involves all operations that turn raw resources into finished products. It entails actively simplifying a company’s supply-side processes […]
May 13, 2022

DDMRP in Cosmetics Supply Chain: Case Study on Amore

The cosmetic industry extends well beyond colorful lipsticks, perfumes, toiletries, and aromatically scented soaps and hand creams. According to Forbes, it is a $532 billion sector […]
May 6, 2022

DDMRP Applications in Furniture Industry Supply Chain

Supply chain management in the furniture business is mostly concerned with logistics transporting physical commodities (raw and finished goods) from one site to another. Shipping expenses […]
April 22, 2022

DDMRP in Telecom and Electronic Supply Chain Management

The telecom and electronic sectors are continuously evolving at a lightning pace. With the rise of emerging technologies, altering customer attitudes, and the continued emphasis on […]
April 8, 2022

DDMRP in the Building and Construction Supply Chain

For more than half a century, material requirements planning (MRP) has formed the backbone of the building and supply chain industry. MRP is a calculating engine […]
April 1, 2022

DDMRP in Aerospace Supply Chain Management

The aerospace industry is dealing with disruptive pressures ranging from market trends to technological advancements to the effects of unanticipated shocks. Global supply networks are being […]
March 25, 2022

DDMRP Updates from SAP: S/4HANA Demand Driven MRP (DDMRP) Functionality

Demand-Driven Replenishment, rather than typical MRP techniques, help you plan and manage supply chains efficiently depending on consumer demand. This is accomplished by deliberately decoupling material […]