Become a Demand Driven Master with the DDBrix game

An interactive game involving lego bricks that will help you experience your supply chain’s efficiency under a Demand Driven strategy.

We strongly believe in the power of interactive learning in enhancing our performance. The DDBrix game is the most successful game to understand the ins and outs of DDMRP.

The DDBrix game is designed to promote a collaborative environment of learning through fun and games. It is a collaborative and interactive game played with lego bricks to help you visualise your supply chain. Play the DDBrix game to experience how DDMRP buffers optimize the flow of materials and information.

This game will offer a simulation environment in which you can assemble and disassemble parts of the supply chain with lego bricks.

  • Your team will learn the basics of supply chain management.
  • You can build your ideal supply chain using Legos and observe and learn how Demand Driven can benefit your supply chains.
  • Your team will experience first-hand how DDMRP increases customer service, stabilises production and reduces stress.
  • Experience how DDMRP buffers stabilise both material and information flow.

Bring together your entire team, finance, marketing, sales, production, planning and quality. Watch these teams come together to play a game that also enhances their knowledge of the work they are doing. Build a stronger team that communicates better and functions as one.

Spend the day learning about Demand Driven supply chain and its benefits. The DDBrix game is ideal for team building, learning the basics of DDMRP, and for anyone wanting to learn more about DDMRP. You will learn to build an efficient team and watch how your supply chain flourishes under the Demand Driven Operation methodology.

If you are wondering whether Demand Driven is for you and would like to find out more register to play for the DDBrix game under Patrick Rigoni’s guidance.

The DDBrix Workshop is a creation and property of our partner b2wise. Patrick Rigoni is one of the very few professionals outside of b2wise who is qualified to moderate the DDBrix Factory workshop.


A whole new world of awaits after you sign up here! Begin the journey for you and your team and hit the play button to start building the ideal supply chain for your company.

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The best way to learn about DDMRP is to put the principles into practice in an interactive workshop. Sign up your team for Patrick Rigoni’s DDBrix workshop and optimize your supply chain planning skills and download the DDBrix Workshop Brochure.