A Beer Game that
makes you smarter!

A role-playing game to help your team coordinate better and improve your supply chain.

The Demand Driven beer game was inspired by the classic MIT Beer Game. This variation of the game was designed by us to help better understand the management process behind Demand Driven Supply Chains. This innovative game will help you experience, in a gamified environment, the typical working conditions in a supply chain.

Learn the importance of effectively sharing information across teams and coordination. The Demand Driven Beer Game will help you understand the coordination problems teams face in a supply chain. It is a role-play simulation game involving multiplayer teams.

The teams will play with a goal to deliver the orders of beer to the customers. The team goes through each stage of the supply chain like maintaining inventory, managing order deliveries, managing order backlogs, developing strategies to maintain optimum inventory levels. The main advantage of the game is that it demonstrates the bullwhip effect that occurs in traditional supply chains.

This version of the beer game goes further to demonstrate how demand-driven operations combat the bullwhip effect leading to an efficient supply chain. Learn to introduce buffers into your supply chain and stabilise your supply chain.

You can play this fun and the innovative game as a simulation before employing these methods in your supply chain. Allowing you to see and predict your supply chains success through a simulation!