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PhD, DDPP, DDLP, Lean Six Sigma Master, Black Belt

Patrick Rigoni is our founder and a thought leader in Demand Driven methodology who has had over 15 years of experience in the supply chain industry. He has worked in both line roles and strategic advisory roles.

Patrick started his career in line roles at J&J’s manufacturing plants gaining hands-on experience. He went on to get certified as a Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Lean Assessor and an expert at computer simulation modelling. He is also a Demand Driven Institute accredited DDP and DDL master instructor.

In 2013, he co-founded SmartChain International LLP, a supply chain consultancy that helps clients transform their supply chains. As a founding partner, he was a key player in establishing SmartChain as the leading firm in supply chain management. He co-developed agile and Demand Driven methodology and concepts, overseen many holistic supply chain transformations, developed powerful Demand Driven simulation tools and customised assessment tools.

What is
Demand Driven

Supply chains depend on the nature of the demand, making them vulnerable and open to failure in the event of sudden unexpected changes. These changes can disrupt the system causing inventory shortages, unexpected stock-outs or delays in service. Demand Driven is a method designed to deal with the uncertain nature of changing demand.

A Demand Driven supply chain is a system of coordinated technologies and processes that senses and reacts to real-time demand signals. The system introduces buffers across the supply chain to eliminate the bullwhip effect, thus strengthening the supply chains functionality. These buffers ensure that in the event of any disruptions the individual elements of the supply chain are protected.

Demand Driven Planner

This program is designed for personnel involved in planning. Purchasing, and implementation of the supply chain. It consists of 13 modules and is the official Demand Driven Institute preparatory course for the Demand Driven Planner Professional certification exam.

Demand Driven Planner Professional

The Demand Driven Planner Professional is a certificate awarded by the Demand Driven Institute. It is awarded to an individual in the supply chain industry who can apply Demand Driven concepts, analyze and evaluate an environment using Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning methodology. To receive the certification an individual must complete a rigorous test.

Demand Driven Leader

This program is for senior and mid-level supply chain managers. It includes 7 modules of in-depth training and it is the official preparatory course for Demand Driven Leader Professional certification. It was designed for supply chain managers with the ability to design, implement and operate a Demand Driven Operating Model.

Demand Driven Leader Professional

The Demand Driven Leader Professional is an endorsement certificate provided by the Demand Driven Institute. It demonstrates that an individual can apply and implement the concepts of a Demand driven Operating model. To achieve this certificate, one must pass a rigorous test.

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