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under Patrick Rigoni’s Guidance

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We strongly believe in using education to empower each other. Patrick Rigoni offers courses, both online and offline, to share the wealth of information he has gained over the years as an industry leader. Supply chains are only as strong as their weakest link and we are dedicated to eliminating weak links through education. Patrick Rigoni offers various courses on supply chain and supply chain management. His goal is to help each and everyone in the supply chain industry become masters of their supply chain!
We offer courses on understanding the fundamentals of supply chains, courses to help you better manage your supply chains, and many courses on various topics related to supply chain and supply chain management. Alongside these, we also have interactive educational games like the Demand Driven Bricks game (DDBrix) and the Demand Driven Beer Game. The DDBrix game will enable you to experience your supply chain in real-time and manage your supply chain. If think DDBrix does not fit your business, you can participate in the Demand Driven Beer Game. This simulation game will help you learn how to stabilise your supply chain and get the most out of it! Use the calendar below to stay up to date on upcoming courses and events. You can also fill your details in the form below for a personalised email to keep you informed about our courses and events.