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Not all supply chains are alike. The Demand Driven methodology provides fundamental and universal concepts. Our supply chain services focus on the clients most critical issues and offer Demand Driven solutions unique to their supply chain.

Small and large companies want to either improve their supply chain or just solve some issues they may be facing. We bring years of expertise and leadership in the industry, practical and analytical approach and innovative solutions. We can support you at every step and transform your supply chain into a Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise.

Patrick Rigoni offers to enter a shared risk-benefits contract with clients; we are ready to put skin in the game.

Optimize Your Supply Chain with Patrick Rigoni

We offer a wide range of services that will enable you at every step in the transformation process. These Services have been developed by Patrick Rigoni to help your supply chain become an optimized system that can withstand any disruptions in the supply chain.

Initial Assessment and Identification

A thorough assessment of your existing supply chain to understand its functions and processes and identification of weak spots within the supply chain.

Simulation and Business Case Design

A simulation of the new Demand Driven design for your supply chain that you can test for efficiency before implementation.

Business Case Design

An implementable business case generation for the design based on the results of the simulation.

Project Management and Operating Model Design

A roadmap to changing the supply chain into a Demand Driven Operating Model with assistance for the management of projects.

Process and Organizational Realignment

Assistance during the process of transformation to ensure all existing processes are aligned with the Demand Driven methodology.

Change Management

Ensuring that the new changes brought by the transformation are fully adopted, established as new ways of working and sustained in the long term.

Software Selection and Set-up

Selecting and setting up the best software that is the perfect fit for your transformed supply chain.


Training courses, educational games, and DDI certified programs to enhance your knowledge on Demand Driven methodology.

The Process of Supply Chain Optimization

Our Efforts Your Gain — The Outcome of Demand Driven

Our services are geared towards ensuring a smooth transformation into a Demand Driven supply chain that will:

  • Lead to greater ROIs
  • Reduce Stockouts
  • Better inventory management
  • Enhanced agility
  • Reduced fire fighting expenses
  • Improved quality of service

With Patrick Rigoni as your guide, you get the best out of the Demand Driven approach, ensuring a well-oiled, optimized, and profitable supply chain. Get in touch and start the step-change improvements.


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