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1What is the Demand Driven methodology?
Demand Driven is a method of supply chain management and implementation that allows companies to achieve their desired result despite the nature of the forecasts. It uses decoupling, buffering, and pull to eliminate the bullwhip effect from unexpected disruptions.
2How can Demand Driven help my supply chain?
With Demand Driven, your supply chain will not have to depend on an accurate forecast. It can continue functioning smoothly independent of the nature of the forecast. The buffering and decoupling introduced through DDMRP will ensure that you are able to respond faster to changes and stop the bullwhip effect. This will lead to a more stable and sustainable supply chain that can function efficiently even through unexpected demand changes. Your supply chain will see better management of inventory, higher return of investment, agility, and overall better service quality.
3What services do you offer?
We offer comprehensive consulting and education services to our clients. Our service offerings will support you at every step on the journey to your transformation into Demand Driven. We provide initial assessment and identification, simulation packages, business case creation, project management and operating model design, process realignment, and software selection and set-up. In order to equip you to ensure a successful demand driven operation, we also provide educational services certified by the Demand Driven Institute.
4My company processes are pretty unique. Will Demand Driven be the right choice for me?
Yes, Certainly! Demand Driven is a set of principles and concepts for designing an efficient supply chain. These principles can be applied to any supply chain. While the fundamental concepts remain the same the actual implementation will need to adapt them from case to case. It has so far been applied successfully in all types of industry, in MTO, MTS, ETO environments. In raw material purchasing, production, distribution and retails and even in MRO and spare parts management.
5What resources are available to better understand the methodology?
There are plenty of resources available on Demand Driven methodology. We provide education services, educational games, and simulation software. The largest, most comprehensive resource is the Demand Driven Institute which contains dozens of case studies, videos, white papers, testimonials, etc. These resources can help you understand Demand Driven theory and implementation. To get access to these educational services click here.
6What are the step-change improvements?
Demand Driven is not a software tool but a culmination of 50+ years of the best practices from traditional planning. It builds upon this learning, adapting to the dynamic nature and unique quality of each supply chain. With Demand Driven your supply chain will experience significant improvements like:

  • Improved Service quality,
  • 30, 40, even 50% less inventory,
  • Elimination of 90% percent of firefighting,
  • Enhanced agility; ability to respond better to supply chain disruptions.

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