Download our “Guide to Protecting Against Supply Chain Cyber Attacks”

Download our “Guide to Protecting Against Supply Chain Cyber Attacks”

Are you alarmed by the rising statistics of cyberattacks? Do you want to take the necessary measures to avoid falling victim to a data breach? These concerns and other issues will be addressed in this useful guide.

Contained within are 10 easy-to-digest tips on how to keep the various links in your supply chain safe and tight. The tips are oriented towards a mitigation and recovery approach to data breaching.

With this guide you’ll be able to gain confidence in your security program’s protective capacity and it’s all available in one simple download.

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Patrick Rigoni, Ph.D. | Partner at Patrick Rigoni

Patrick has 14 years of industry experience in operations and supply chain and 7 years of consulting where he positioned his previous company as a leader in Demand Driven methodology. He has helped several companies achieve breakthrough changes in operational performance and as an endorsed master instructor of the Demand Driven Institute he has trained dozens of classes in the most advanced supply chain planning approaches.

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